Friday, April 3, 2009

Blooms & Views, Issue 2 ~ Redbuds & Secret Doors

The view out my front door. The shot's a little bright to see but there's a huge walnut tree covered in thick vines that will eventually be removed to improve our view from inside the house as well as the view of the house from the street. Looks like the wind caught the runner on my side table ~ oops! You may notice the floor boards have a notched out place. It's a "secret door" that leads to a cellar, which is said to have been used in the underground railroad to hide slaves.

The landscape is still pretty barren from this living room window view, but if you look closely you can see a redbud tree beginning to bud, and a pussy-willow tree whose buds are turning to blossoms. I hope you have enjoyed Blooms & Views, a regular feature on my blog. Now that my taxes are done ~ woohoo! ~ I can move on to more fun and creative things. In my next post I hope to give you a preview of what I've been creating from rusty wire.


Bonjour Madame said...

Your foyer is gorgeous! I love everything about it.

Laura said...

Beautiful entryway to your the tones in the wood furniture...isn't the anticipation of the buds about to burst into blooms exciting? I will be watching for your rusty wire post! Be well, Laura

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Ann
Thank you so much for your kind & thoughtful comments on my blog. It was very much appreciated!
How interesting to have a secret door....I like things like that. Thank you so much for the gorgeous baby picture which reached me safely & I have also found a good place for the really sewwt pillow cover.
Isabelle X

Amy said...

I knew your home was beautiful! I'm glad to see you're not hiding it from us anymore! tehehhe love the entry ann! such lovely style;) xo

A Vintage Mood said...

Why, thank you ladies for your sweet comments!

I have to hide some of it, Amy. Have to keep the mystery alive, ya know, to be revealed little by little. Besides, there are parts that haven't been remodeled yet that are more than mysterious, they're just plain scary!

Ann Marie said...

I love your furniture!
I tend to do that with pictures..movies... everything..
I love to look at the details.. The "background." :)

I love that you have a secret door.. That is soo cool!
I love old homes.. They ooze mystery and History!
Have a good day! ~ Ann Marie

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