Monday, January 24, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Our daughter and son-in-law are expecting their second child, and we recently found out that it's a girl. I cannot tell you how excited I am!
We adore our precious grandson who is now 3, and are so looking forwarding to cherishing a baby girl.

You know I'll be indulging in baby girl fashion! So, here's a picture of the first of many dresses bought by Grammy Ann for Ali Grace.

We've been blessed with a generous sprinkling of sugar and spice. Besides my daughter's baby on the way, we're blessed beyond words with our son's dear girlfriend. Here's a picture of the happy couple.

When I became a mother, the intense love that filled my heart for my children was a surprise, but I never anticipated how much I would fall in love with the ones that love them. How happy they make me!


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

How wonderful ~ fabulous news! A round of Congratulations to everyone and big hugs too!!!
It's amazing how full the heart can be...The heart just grows and grows with happiness.
Hugs ~ Rebecca

Sheila Rumney said...

You are truly blessed! So exciting to be expecting a new bundle of joy.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Congratulations! Motherhood is always full of suprises, everyday I find! We're tickled "pink" about your new little girl...oh how lucky she will be!

On another note...our grandma would always make us frosted sugar cookies with cinnamon hearts on them for valentines day...that HAD to be our very favorite time of the year!!

Enjoy your week!!
Karla & Karrie

just CLAUDIA Vintage Junkie said...

Lovely family ~ blessings from God! said...

Congratulations! I love buying vintage girly clothes for my grand daughter, she and I have so much fun playing dress up with them.

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